Banks 42248-D Ram-Air Intake System

Banks 42248-D Ram-Air Intake System

SKU: 42248-D
- Extensively tested & validated
- Enclosed housing keeps out hot, power-robbing engine air
- Inhales cooler outside air for more power & MPG
- Giant filter maximizes high-flow filtration
- Helps engine run cooler
- Accommodates engine movement
- Prevents component damage
- Extends service life and requires fewer cleanings
- 5-year Limited Warranty (filter: Lifetime Limited Warranty)
- Outflows stock and competitors up to 57%
- Reduces exhaust gas temps and sooty, black smoke.
- Exclusive 5 inch bellows accommodates engine movement and prevents component damage
- DRY Air Filter Element
- Emissions compliant: CARB EO D-161-102
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Banks Ram-Air Superiority. Flowbench developed, dyno proven cold-air intake with enclosed housing improves flow up to 57%. Increases power and fuel economy. Reduces exhaust gas temps and sooty, black smoke. Passes the test. Again and again. Others build and ship without testing. Not Banks. Our Ram-Air Intakes start out as CAD software prototypes and are put through flow simulations. The design is refined until the simulation shows optimal performance. Then a hardware prototype is made and the design is validated on a flowbench. After that comes dyno testing and on-vehicle testing. It takes a superior design to pass all those tests! Filter on a stick: a joke that's not funny. A filter on a stick is a bad joke. It's wide-open to hot underhood engine air, and there's no power in hot air! Ram-Air houses a giant lifetime filter in an enclosed cold-air box, which inhales cool, dense outside air - more than Banks' competitors and up to 57% more than stock - for more power and mileage, lower EGTs and less smoke. And it's designed to not cause fault or error codes. Bellows, too? Very exclusive. Banks Ram-Air is the only aftermarket intake with bellows. This accommodates engine movement and prevents component damage for longer service life. The optional high-flow Super-Scoop is another Banks exclusive! Available separately: new Super-Scoop optimizes the Ram-Air Intake's efficiency and power!
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